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16 01, 2018
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3 Home Improvement Ideas That Can Lower Your Home Insurance Cost

A home is the largest purchase most Americans will ever make. They want to protect it in the event of a disaster. This is why most Sarasota residents carry homeowners insurance.

10 01, 2018
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What Is a Flood Zone, And Are You In One?

Flooding can happen at any time no matter where you live, so it is important to get educated about floods and flood zones.

2 01, 2018
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Why You Need An Annual Insurance Review, And What to Expect

Many Sarasota homeowners insurance holders purchase an insurance policy when they first move in, but they may not understand the importance of periodically reviewing it or reassessing their needs.

19 12, 2017
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Do I Need Flood Insurance If I’m Not In a Flood Zone?

A common question that we hear is whether or not flood insurance should be purchased for everyone, including homeowners who own a home outside of a major flood zone.

13 12, 2017
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A Vacant Home Might Invite Vandals This Holiday Season

An empty house can be inviting to potential vandals and burglars, but here are four tips to help protect your home while you're traveling this holiday season.

11 12, 2017
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Home Maintenance Projects That Should Be Done in Florida Winter Months

The easiest way to know what's covered or what's not, is to contact your insurance provider. Coverage will often depend on the age of your roof, the area you live in, and many other factors, so it's important to know the specifics of your policy.

7 12, 2017
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7 Homeowner Tips to Prevent Accidents This Holiday Season

The holiday season offers a wonderful opportunity for socializing with family and friends. At the same time, having a house full of visitors increases the risk of accidents in just about any section of the world.

5 12, 2017
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Playground Safety Tips for Kids This Holiday Season

Here, the holiday season doesn't equal frigid temperatures and snow days, it means cool afternoon and soft breezes. And when coupling that with holiday break from schools, you may be spending more time outside of your home and at your local park with your kids than usual.

30 11, 2017
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4 Reasons Why Snowbirds Need a Local Insurance Agent

When people choose to insure their cars and home with an online insurance company or 800-national company they're giving up some HUGE benefits of working with a local, independent insurance agent.

27 11, 2017
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7 Fire Prevention Tips You May Not Know To Protect Your Home

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation, 260 home fires begin with Christmas trees each year. Here are 7 easy safety tips to keep in mind and keep your home safe this holiday season.